BILL MECHEM    Bill moved to Washington state in the spring of 2003 from Massachusetts in pursuit of creating great Washington wines. After working 6 years as a chef/manager, he gained an extensive knowledge of wines and their affinity to food. Once in Washington state, Bill excelled at creating highly regarded wines along side some of the states best winemakers. Bill has always had an urge to make wine in his own style. Thus, Whisper Ridge Winery was created allowing Bill to fulfill his need to create classical wines with his own twist. Bill is very passionate about his work and will go to any extreme to produce a great bottle of wine.

Summer went on a walk through a vineyard, bumped into Bill the winemaker and married him shortly after. Summer supports and encourages Bill's curiosity for life from wine to honey, pottery and woodworking, soap making, charcuterie and pigs; he is quite captivating. Summer is an advanced public information officer by day and on the weekends, an avid hiker - if she can escape from the tasting room. Cheers!