2007 A Voix Basse (A.V.B.)                                   Glass $6 Bottle $18 Case $216
72% Cab Franc, 13% Merlot, 15% Cab Sauv
Whisper Ridge’s signature French-style wine named ‘in a low voice’ goes to the true roots of wine making. This blend is made by fermenting whole clusters of grapes with wild yeast and aged for three years. Tastes of pie cherry and blackberry. Aromas of cassis, cedar, tobacco and leather.

2013 Syrah                                                        Glass $7 Bottle $28 Case $336
Made from whole grape clusters, naturally fermented. Aged for two years in American oak. Blueberry with vanilla, coconut and clove undertones.

2009 Cabernet Sauvignon                                    Glass $8 Bottle $32 Case $384
Hand-picked grapes from two small family owned vineyards in the Rattlesnake Hills – Copeland and Morrison. Aged in small French and American oak barrels for three years. Whole cluster grapes; wild fermented. Notes of black currant, white pepper, clove, coconut and vanilla. This is a classic age-worthy Washington State Cabernet.

2012 Petit Verdot                                              Glass $10 Bottle $38 Case $456
This wine is the powerhouse of all the reds. It’s dark, spicy and rich with smoky overtones. Strong and earthy with gripping tannins. Aromas of rose petals and roasted cocoa bean.